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Action Girls Review

Reviewed: 2011-08-05
Quick site rank and complete review of Action Girls | Categories: Fetish, Softcore

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bronze rank
Our Rating: 81/100

Quality of Content: 21/25

Purchase Value: 14/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 8/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 4/5

Originality: 10/10

Navigation: 1/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For ActionGirls

User Rating: 55/100 - based on 88 votes.

Price & Payment Options



Standard price: $4.95 (3 days, recurring at $34.95 / 30days)

30 Days


Standard price: $34.95 (30 days, recurring at $34.95 / 30 days)

90 Days


Standard price: $59.95 (90 days, recurring at $19.95 / 30days)

186 Days


Standard price: $99.95 (186 days, non recurring)

Tour Promises promises updates 40 times a month, over two million pictures and thousands of movies, beautiful action girls, full-length movies, weekly updates and access to an additional site.

My Opinion About ActionGirls

Upon first hearing the name, Action Girls, one might imagine a site filled with sultry hot babes eager to get down to it. When it comes to stunning hotties, this site offers an ample number. The action that they're getting down to isn't exactly what you might expect from a pay site, but this ends up adding a whole new and exciting thrill to porn, particularly if your an enthusiast into wild fantasies and even wilder than the typical erotic model.

When you log into the site, don't be surprised by the amateur look. It's far from an attractive design and there are plenty of upsells to full-length ActionGirls DVDs, but there also happens to be a FAQ called "how to navigate this site". This sort of FAQ is never a great sign. It suggests that in all likelihood you will have issues and since the webmaster was unable to deliver an easy to follow, self-evident way to browse the content, I'd suggest that reading the instructions would be wise. Despite the learning curve, there is some damn interesting stuff going on around Action Girls, and practically nothing that is ordinary.

ViewPornstars is the bonus site that you get when joining ActionGirls and you're going to have to scroll all the way down past the list of updates and the model directory before you reach the link. Getting back to navigation for a moment, you can search by model, which covers all the photos and videos, by story, which only accesses videos but in sequential order, or by genre, which also directs you to video scenes not related to each other by story, but by topic. Searching by genre is the least attractive way to find content since the webmaster clearly states that not all movies are included with topic or genre tags. The best way to search is by model or by story.

The tour promises millions of photos and thousands of videos, but it hardly lives up to either. Nine sets of photos and one movie is added weekly, which is a good amount, but when it comes down to it there are only 101 featured models and another 17 co-starring girls. Of course, most of these models are more than most will be able to handle. Susanna Spears, Veronica Zemanova, Kobe Kage, Kathy Lee and Jenny P are some of the most popular models and it's no wonder why. These girls need just appear to get a dick hard or a pussy wet and they are by no means the only models capable of turning a person on. Each model appears in more than one scene and most appear in a half dozen or more. It's impossible to tell you an exact amount since the organization is so pitiful, but there are definitely thousands of pictures and a couple hundred video scenes at least.

What makes the site worth the trouble is the uniqueness of the content. You aren't likely going to come across this sort of content anywhere else on the net and for those who adore action girls like the kind you find in mainstream movies like Lara Croft, you're going to love and I mean love this site. Before I dive into it, note that photos are sexy and crisp 1673x1116 sizes that come in packs of 80 or so, downloadable in Zips. Movies come in standard and HD and are available in streams or you can save low and high-quality WMV (1620kbps,1024x576), MOV (4000kbps,1024x576) and MP4 (640x360) mobile videos. There are also some Real Media files.

Susanna Spears is one hot, fit model and watching her do anything is thrilling. She is a softcore model, as is much of the content on the site. In one of her newer films she is dressed in a sexy, skimpy cheerleading outfit. Music plays throughout and the track is appropriate as she shakes her booty, but the editing is really done well, at least when paced with the soundtrack. However, with this said, the cuts are sharp, at least in this film, and you get little time to really linger on Susana's fabulous body, clothed or nude. However, you do get to see her fire off tons of army weaponry and all while totally nude, which is a thrill. I really wanted to see if there were stories and decided to scan the boot camp series. The models are loaded up into a truck and taken to boot camp. The music track overtakes any dialogue and instead we're left to read subtitles. Eventually, you can hear the boot camp instructors, but music ends up being too loud and overbearing throughout. Still, naked girls being put to the test in films that feel like they could be straight out of a popular reality tv show (except for the naked part and all the pussy close-ups) like Survivor, can be exciting and most certainly entertaining. I just wished that there was a higher turn-on factor in the style of filmmaking.

Final Verdict

In spite of the FAQ, navigating Action Girls is a nightmare and this is a problem. The webmaster seriously needs to clean it up because there is nothing worse than, for example, clicking a link that is supposed to lead you to videos but instead leads you to a list of posters. Searching by story isn't the way to go either, since a complete list is nearly impossible to find and browsing by model is no fun either, but at least there are links to the various parts of a complete video. If you can get over this major issue, which is not easy, then Action Girls is more than good. It's unique, it's exciting and its quality and it offers what no other site does: hot nude babes with guns in cool semi-story/ reality style movies.

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User Comments

2011 Nov 13, 04:32, nc
There are some hot girls on there and it is amazingly impossible to get around in but if your expecting porn or in many or even most cases even playboy style pics your going to be disappointed. It has more and more of non nude bikini shots. I would give this site a 4/10

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